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WPAha is a free CMS Directory where you can find, discuss, and promote (both free and paid) professional website templates, plugins, addons, applications, as well as news, tutorials, experiences, website connections, or anything else connected to.


  • The most potent online communities have provided us with collections of Joomla templates, WordPress themes, Magento themes, Prestashop themes, Drupal themes and more.
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  • We provide both paid and unpaid templates and themes. They are all provided with brief descriptions, examples, and photographs.
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A Free Directory

WPAha is completely free! Nothing has a hidden cost! The goal of WPAha is to provide a FREE CMS Directory for developers, marketer to share their extensions, plugins, templates, and other news. You are free to read, and publish your posts and items to the network.

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WPAha is a fantastic resource for establishing backlinks to your website and attracting targeted visitors who are looking for your content. You’ll have an opportunity to convert more traffic and visits to your website into actual consumers. Additionally, posting just one of your helpful articles may bring in a ton of new visitors, subscribers, and customers. Additionally, this is a fantastic method to connect with other bloggers and cross-promote one another’s material.

New Product, Website or Campaign Promotion

If you’re searching for a location to promote your website, a new product, or a campaign, WPAha is wonderful. It makes no difference if you are holding an event or providing WPAha users with a discount. As a result, you will raise awareness of your campaign, draw more people to an event, improve traffic to your website, or direct more people to a new product.

WPAha is a free CMS Directory that is gaining popularity. Please contact us if you have any queries.